RUN-FTP T-Shirt - Match My Kicks SERIES #1


Have you ever been really pissed off because you have a sick pair of shoes but can't find a T-Shirt to match? We have, so we have introduced the "Match My Kicks" Series. With special Stuntride Designs that you can fully customize the colors of.

Get the colors of your shoes, your favorite NFL team, NBA Team, Baseball, NCAA, whatever....If you want a color scheme, we will make it!

With customization comes responsibilities! So remember, you have to wear this shit with pride, no wrenching on bikes and lot riding with it. These shirts are strictly for shows, bike nights and picking up bitches at the mall. Don't be dummy and ruin a dope shirt! Especially since you gotta pay a few bucks more for it and it will take a little extra time to ship out.

Once you order, email us to discuss your colors. DO NOT under ANY circumstance, email us asking about colors before you order. YES we can get any of the shirt colors in the color chart picture and we can print ANY colors you want for the letters and the bars!

Also Available in a pullover Hoodie here -


  • SMALL - 99% in stock
  • MEDIUM - 85% in stock
  • LARGE - 83% in stock
  • X-LARGE - 87% in stock
  • XX-LARGE - 96% in stock
  • 3X-LARGE - 97% in stock